Scores and Criteria


The test results are presented in three different score formats.
The certificate first shows the performance of the individual in each specific module of the test; speaking, language Use, listening in context and texts interpretation.

It also shows the TECS proficiency stage, which is a scale of the English proficiency level of the test taker; zero (0) being the lowest stage and five (5) being the highest stage. These stages are the result of the percentile analysis allocated in five different groups according to the test taker’s performance compared to other test takers and their knowledge of English. This percentile score not only gives the test administrators and institutions an indicator of the test takers performance, but also represents how well the test taker performs as compared to other test takers in a worldwide norm sample, taken from the complete scores database of the TECS, resulting in a more accurate reading of the English proficiency of the individual.

The scores are taken to the field of the Common European Framework Reference of Languages (CEFR) for a standardized description of the English proficiency of the test taker from A1 to C1 Level. The certificate also shows the level descriptor according to the CEFR for the reader to have a better understanding of the proficiency level of the test taker.