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The International Language Testing Organization – ILTO – provides a standardized, unbiased experience to test takers, by assessing communication skills with contextualized items closer to their reality. This is how we gather the most accurate results to report on the language proficiency of people and organizations..

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The TECS has been approved by the Department of Education of Colombia.

Ministerio de Educación Nacional

The TECS has been used not only for English proficiency certification, but also to track the organization performance in second language development. Bogota, Valledupar, Pereira – COLOMBIA

Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá Panama City, PANAMA. The UTP in Panama City is using the ILTO product to assess the English proficiency of their students in different academic programs.  Panama City – PANAMA.  

Universidad del Valle Cali, COLOMBIA This government university has used the TECS since 2017 after carefully analyzing the wide offer of English proficiency certifications in the market, due to its reliability, administrator dashboard and affordability that helps the public finance. Cali – COLOMBIA  

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