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It is very important for ILTO to be available in several countries around the world, partnering with accredited institutions and reliable certification centers.

What is a TECS certification center?

It is an academic or non-academic organization, accredited as a certification center that receives consistent technical support, advertising material and personalization of their tests with a dedicated administrator and the institution logo in each certificate. The organization also receives an accreditation as Secure Testing Center (STC) granted by ILTO.

How can I become a TECS certification center?

1. Go to https://www.iltoexams.com
2. Click on the TECS AGENTS button
3. Fill in the form to request access to the test administrator site
4. You will receive the approval of your test administrator site, together with 3 EDE licenses and 1 TECS DEMO license, with a DEMO certificate.
5. You will also receive an email with information on how to use the administrator site.
6. That is all! Now you may learn about the advantages of ILTO exams and may now use the administrator site for free. If you are interested in becoming a TECS certification center, please contact your sales representative

Why choose to be a TECS certification center?

Our  TECS  test complies with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; it is a reliable, secure and 100% communicative test.

TECS  has been concerned about leaving the structure of traditional exams, providing the test taker a less stressful and different experience since our test is based on the actual use of the English language in modern contexts and issues of common interest.

Our team of developers care about making permanent updates to the tests to provide a better experience to the candidate who intends to travel abroad, meet their graduation requirement or certify their English for employment purposes, demonstrating their skills through a real communicative test.

TECS is a standardized international test that fits most of the budgets offering a complete, efficient, reliable and fully competitive option.

Many of the tests that are currently available do not include a speaking test and if they do, the results may take too long to be received by the taker, TECS offers the possibility of certifying the 4 basic communication skills and receive the certificate immediately.

ILTO develops tests that benefit both the test taker and the companies interested in knowing the English level of their students or employees, because in addition to thinking about the candidate we developed a comprehensive administrator site free of charge for agents, which makes the administration and reports of the test takers easier. This administrator site offers TECS certification centers the possibility to have the control of the test information in one place, download reports, figures, progress of the language development in the institution and more.


Approximately 120 minutes.

The speaking tests are performed by English professors via Skype from our location in USA or teachers of each institution after being trained and certified.

Speaking, reading, listening and language usage.

The results are issued immediately by the system; they will be given to each candidate according to the agents policy. 

ILTO makes a comprehensive analysis of the TECS certification centers, to make sure they comply with all the ethical and test security conditions..

We also have a Fraud Prevention Office (FPO) which is in charge of the investigation of possible fraudulent actions.

Yes, the results of the TECS test comply with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Each certificates includes the following information:

The test takers identification, organization information, logo of the organization, photo of the test taker, results complying with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), with the results explained.

What are the type of questions in the TECS?

Speaking Interview

Reading Comprehension.

Language use in Context

Listening Comprehension.

Uses for this test

Bilingual staff selection and Classification.

Student graduation requirements (Final Exam)

Teacher Selection and Classification.

Additional information.

Would you like to take a deeper look of the the test and administrator site?

If you want to be a certification center and require a DEMO test license for your institution, just click the following link:

Would you like to know more about the test for your organization?

If you are a company or organization and you require a test license for your business, just click the following link:

Does ILTO offer English language diagnostic tests?

Yes, ILTO developed the  EDE (English Diagnosis Exam) that measures t three skills, reading and language use and listening. In addition, we designed tests that adapt to the specific requirements of each institution such as:

  1. Speaking Test Only
  2. Reading Comprehension Test Only
  3. Grammar Test Only
  4. Use of the Language Test Only
  5. Listening Test Only

You can also group the tests according to your needs, for example skill 1+3 or 2+5.

These options do not get an international certificate, but the results will comply with the CEFR level.


  • Staff Selection and Classification
  • Student Classification (Entrance Exam)
  • Teacher Selection
  • Other

Does ILTO constantly update their tests?

Yes, the tests developed by ILTO are consistently updated with everyday situations and global issues. A group of experts continuously create a question bank; as a result we add approximately 1,000 new questions in the different skills every two quarters.

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