International language testing organization


At ILTO we believe in the importance of assessing the skills and knowledge of the person in the English language in order to give organizations and individuals a reliable tool to know the level of communication skills for education, work, travel or leisure.


We have managed to meet the highest quality standards by testing our language assessment in more than 10.000 people worldwide.


We have developed tests suitable to language students, education institutions, companies and government.


We build our tests by interacting with people from different educational institutions and companies around the world, who have taken part in important quality surveys and studies in order to achieve reliable results.


Our tests are based on updated topics used by people in real communication. These topics have to do with social networks, today´s culture, music, sports, news and in general terms contextualized questions that assess real communication between individuals in a day to day basis.


With over 10 year experience in assessing the proficiency of individuals in the English language, ILTO has helped teachers, managers and public and private institutions in the United States and Latin America have a real appreciation of how people in their organizations would perform in communication tasks by using a totally measurable and reliable system.


We also develop various products for language learning in different educational and professional levels by working together with our customers´ needs.


ILTO is the most reliable option for your organization or yourself when thinking about assessing communication skills in English.


ILTO is permanently striving to enhance the quality of our tests and be updated with the recent test developments. We also value to network with testing professionals. This is why we are proud members of: